Archives: August, 2008

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Classics in the Wong Time and the Wong Place

Beijing Olympics Fakebook

Italian motorcycle anniversary

Motorbike Display

Nominees for the Beijing Paralympics

Why I Didn't Make The Olympics

MacDonald's latest - Edible Sneakers

Mac Shoe

Has your bank become an impersonal, overcharging, pre-recorded, faceless entity?

Bounced Check

You sure that's where the head goes?

Polish Paramedics

When you haven't got time to wait for the next policeman

Fast Police Response

Bold moves happen every day

Ford Police Chase

Snakes don't come much larger than this

Huge Dead Snake

Why you shouldn't mess with my gun

Husband's Revenge

Bubba's stool working on his flatulence control

Redneck Racecar

Bailing Out - Olympic haymaking record

Hanging Load

Plush chair with shear dropoff

Sheep Chair

Olympic Games Quotes

Is it a coincidence that the Beijing Summer Olympics started @ 8 PM on 08/08/08?

08/08/08 - the Ultimate Lucky Day

Granny Humour

Wait un-tile they go, then we'll raise the roof!

Spooky House

Know anyone who is rotting away?

Who's in Heaven?

Full and high - pigging out on pot brownies

Cookie Overdose

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