Archives: December, 2004

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Chasing what might have been a dog

Dog Tales

Spectators blown over by parade band performance

KiltDown Man or Marilyn Monroe Lookalikes? (PG)

Ya'll come back now! Ya Hear.

You Know Your Church Is A Redneck Church If...

What Bubba does when he's too attractive for moose

Stuck Redneck Moose Hunters

Finding a place for Dad at Christmas

What Dads Are For

The best consecutive Christmas gifts

Uncomfortable Christmas Gift

Beware the dangers of a hot hairblower

Snowman Holdup

How to explain the Santa trophy to the kids

Santa Trophy - 'Tis Not The Season To Be Jolly

The ideal Christmas gift for your mother-in-law

Milton Berle Christmas Quotes

Count your blessings this Holiday Season

Merry Christmas To All Of You

The snowman's worst dream come true

Hydrant Dog: Rise and Fall of the Snowman

'Twas the Light Before Christmas

Christmas Laser Light Show

Bike solution antidote

Antidote For Santa's Milk

Business Case for Corporate Christmas Funding

12 Days of Christmas - Cost of 'True Love'

Mixing Jingle Bells with a rebel yell

Leroy, The Redneck Reindeer

A Redneck's night before a non-denominational winter holiday

His Name Is Santa Claus, End Of Story!

Where demand exceeds supply in the art world

Gifted Redneck Portrait Artist

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