Archives: December, 2006

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Wit and Wisdom - a War of Words

Military Humour

How to conceal the truth about something you shouldn't be concealing

Religious Customs Declaration

For those who have sons and those who are happy they don't!

Boys Will Be Boys

Try not to become an eggnog-aholic this Christmas

Holiday Eating Tips

Is baby Jesus missing from your manger scene this Christmas?

Baby Jesus - Pure Innocence

Special timeless Anniversary gift for those that matter

50th Anniversary Gift of Travel

Reality check for those who like snow

Diary of a Snow Shoveler

'You'll never take me alive!'

Bathing A Cat

What Santa Gives Naughty Kids

Christmas Present for Naughty Kids

Duct Tape rules in Bubba's home!

Redneck Time Out

When you might want a “Hands Free” Door Lock

Frozen Door Locks

Hu is the new leader in China?

Hu's On First

Machinations for music lovers and engineers!

Farm Machine Music

Xylophone Ball Christmas

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Recipients of the 'Worst Christmas Present' Contest

What Women Won't Want for Christmas

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