Archives: December, 2012

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New Year's prediction that it can only get better in 2013

New Year 2013

How to get a senior citizen's attention while shopping

My Trip To The Store

Why snowmen aren't allowed on Private Property

Frosty Gets Caught

You know there's a problem when the North Pole gets this warm

Lost Santa

Blame the Mayans for fewer Christmas gifts this year

Mayan Christmas Shopping

Why 2012 is predicted to be the end of Global Warming

Mayan Weather Forecast

Maybe the Mayans weren't good at predicting after all...

Mayan Cooling Off Period

Fortunately, the Oreo cookie says not to worry

End Times Cookie

Waiting for the Day After Tomorrow

Mayan Calendar End Times

Tips for drinking and driving

Safe Drive Home

Sent out my holiday cards early this year

Mayan Calendar Greetings

How to reduce stress at home

Helpful Yard Sign

Secret Service uncovers Tea Party plot to kidnap the President

President Plot

Who will help with the wheat harvest?

The Little Red Hen - 2012

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