Archives: February, 2001

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Unforgetful memories in life

Embarrassing Moments

High, my name's Cliff - drop over some time!

Cloned Westerner

Finding the strongest man around

Lemon Drops

... only on rainy days ...

Wet Jogger

Mental Health Hotline's phone answering service

Mental Hospital Answering Machine

Make sure you only play the first half of this game

Fart Match

Comparing Abraham Lincoln to John F. Kennedy

Weird Lincoln and Kennedy Similarities

Advice from young ones

Words of Wisdom From Children

Looking for something within your price range

Cheap Gift

Getting away from incessant bird squawking

Stupid Bird

Where you should never take a dog

Dog Riddles

Is there another word for synonym?

Deep Thoughts - by Dennis Miller

Celebrities in real life

Alter Egos

How real men blow snow

Redneck Snowblower (R)

What ya gonna do with 'im, Jethro - Barium?

Redneck Medical Terms

Lost in a hot air balloon

Where Business Meets IT

Hot topic at the barber shop

Hell Toupee

A handy translator for your next trip to France

French Joe-k Translator

Who's the fairest of them all?

Cinderella Joe-kette

Help from the gorilla removal service

The Gorilla My Dreams

Generate a random Mission Statement

Mission Statement Generator

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