Archives: February, 2004

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Dining on overturned ships

Sea Monster's Appetite for Potatoes

Listening to signs of nature

Chief 'Ear To Ground'

Kneeling at the grave, praying with intensity

Present Grief

Caddie fixes a bad day of putting

Golfer's Russian Ball

New substitute for cough syrup

Cough Syrup - The Best Treatment

Why I don't approve of political joe-ks

Thoughts On Everything

The beginning of the new 'Chrysler Beagle' dog breed

If Dogs Sent Letters To God

Sage advice from the Psychiatrist

Psychiatrist's Patient Advice

Meet the lawnmower dog

Wrench-ing Dog Story

Finding the best instrument for your child

Clarinet Solution for Lena's Singing

Escape of the Blocks!

Cursor Survival Puzzle

Don't Expect Much!

Pessimists' Annual Meeting

Relief preparation for the family

Redneck Cuts Toilet In Half

Laying advice for Bubba's hens

Redneck Chicken Non-Hatchery

Redneck Zodiak secrets

Southern Signs - Are You a Possum or a Moon Pie?

If if doubt, read the instructions...

Bubba's New Chain Saw

Memory improvement in Newfoundland

Smart Newfie's Fish Dinner

Shipping disaster for British merchants

Precious Paint Supply

Wilderness camping survival for city slickers

Forest Service Complaints by Backpackers

Nominees who have assisted the gene pool the most

2004 Darwin Awards

Where only the best excuses are considered...

Welfare Mis-Applications

Who really is the worst driver, ladies?

Women Drivers!

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