Archives: February, 2006

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Faith in action in the kindergarten class

Sharing Your Faith - Kindergarten Perspective

Budgies are key to a Hutterite Olympic training program

Hutterite Triathletes - Olympic Hasbeens

Comparing cold stories in heaven

Cold Hearted Women @ The Pearly Gates

Sometimes it doesn't pay to be too helpful in Church

Church Wedgie

Make a lasting impression on your slacker husband

Broken Lawn Mower

She was Soooooooo Blonde that...

How Blonde Was She?

Why you should never wear a seal hat to the zoo

Seal Hat at the Zoo

Ziss iss a gut one!

German Coast Guard

Team's Strategic 4-year plan

Advice for the Canadian Men's Hockey Team

A new job with hundreds of people underneath you

Redneck Letter - from Mom to Son

Final resting place for the hardcore motorcyclist

Motorcycle Tombstone

Some days, kernel corn just isn't enough

Bird Bomb - Whitewash To Go

Eat In and Eat Out - Bubba's Choice dining car

Redneck Picnic

Tired of 'Through The Roof' Construction Costs?

'Reach For The Top' Roof Repair

Something smelled funny in Torino

Come From Behind Taste of Olympic Success

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