Archives: February, 2007

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New fulfilling lifestyle on less than a dime

Divorce Is Grand

Cow-milk-it for kicks - and get a natural high!

Cow Soccer - Tap Dance Ball Control

Did you start out as a basket case?

Religious One Liners

Children's views on Angels


Why it's hard to solve a Hillbilly murder

Redneck Murder

Making close friends at the bus stop

Samaritan Zipper

When you shouldn't use your truck keys to clean your ears

Redneck Book of Manners

Find out what the famous phrase is!

Phrase Codes from Past Years

What does a Blonde do when she has an accident?

Blonde Accident

Chrysler cutbacks spur rollout of short-term 'Kid Kars'

Kid Kars

Cleaning your teeth can be a laughing matter

The Joe-kster's Dentist

Village Bowling - while the balls hold out

Watermelon Bocce

Watch what you heat @ Bubba's diner!

Redneck Barbecue

Where the locals seem a bit crabby!

Invasion of the Crabs

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