Archives: February, 2008

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Extensive research reveals difference between female and male brains

Female And Male Brains

Moving Motorcycle Moron

Truck Stuck (PG)

Mistreated animal gets revenge

Chinese Steve Irwin (PG)

100 bottles of beer on the wall, 100 bottles of beer...

Beer Bottle Orchestra

This will knock your socks off

Asking God For New Shoes

A few people had angels watching over them that day

Red Light Survivors

This is a genuine math problem - not a trick or a riddle

Cats and Backpacks

How far have your hands moved on your clock?

Lie Clock

Guide to success in the financial world

Economics 101

Fishin' with city slickers - a flash in the pan!

Pet Fish

Fire-ing on all cylinders

Pregnant Fireman

Some toys are cheap and priceless

Why Buy Expensive Toys?

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