Archives: February, 2009

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'Through The Looking Glass' in the 21st Century

Too Much Homework?

Who are you supporting, Mr. Politician?

Apolitical Suggestion

Details of most significant ever economic stimulus plan announced

Obama's Stimulus Program

Heart-warming story ends notion that golfers aren't good husbands

Good Golfer

Solution For A Poor Economy

Final toll: one last thing for Blago to put his name on

New Illinois License Plate

Camel-ot - King Arthur's knight-time footwear

Camel Pumps

Swimmer's motto: what goes a-round comes a-round

Swimming Helmet

Goose Down-s Aircraft

Just One Goose

When Hillary said, 'Send me the Bill later'

Sorry, Bill - I'd Rather Kiss The Boss

When you wooden want to go on a wooden diet


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