Archives: February, 2011

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Every flight begins with water safety training

Cheap Flight

When you're tired, frustrated and can't find anything

A. A. A. D. D.

Gaddafi's Tommy Cooper impression is second to none

Gaddafi Antics

She had to get her boyfriend's approval for this

Harley Gal

Chris called his new game 'LudoChris'

Elephant Ludo

Bubba's known as the biggest wheel in town

Redneck Tricycle

How to provide more humane treatment to terrorists

Captive Insurgent Care

Paddy gets stoned at own memorial

Elaborate Funeral

Secrets to a non-successful marriage

Marriage Expectations

That's the way the cookie crumbles

Cookie Cushion

When you gotta go in a foreign country

English Hospitality

'Would you like cream or fresh milk with your coffee?'

Starbuck's Employee of the Month (PG)

Polish Maytag repair man

Winter Laundry

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