Archives: January, 2001

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World's first 10-pin bowlers

Avid Bowlers

Choosing a gift for an elderly mother

It's The Thought That Counts

Milking a cow can be stress-full

Milking Dilemma

What are your priorities?

Big Rocks First

Are you diagonally parked in a parallel universe?

For Those Who Take Life Too Seriously

Pointing towards an early or earlier golf tee time

Golf at 6:30 or 7:00

Looking for the most suitable organ donor

Heart Transplant

Waiting for South American treasure

Fantasy Letter

Extraordinary card game

Smart Card Dog

Generous donations to the Church

Honourable Profession

General IQ Test

How Smart Are You?

Sung to the tune of Winter Wonderland

Walking In A Doggie Wonderland

When nothing would fit me

Twas The Month After Christmas

Preparing for a wonderful Christmas family visit

Christmas Guilt

Looking for the proper entree?

Gentlemen Only

How Little Johnny breezes through his classes

From Newfoundland

Bartender guide to the Blame Game

Drinker's Fault-Finding Guide

Bridal suite good enough?

Cowboy's Wedding Night

Preparing for a year in jail

Jailed Requests

Best time to pay back past debts

Honour Among Thieves

Removing undesirable elements from the gene pool

Darwin 'Natural Selection' Awards - Criminal Category

Quotes from Andy Rooney

Andy Rooneyisms

Preparing for an excellent Birthday feast

Cat Birthday

No wonder Coke tastes sooooo good

Coke Tastes So Good Because...

(from a Chinese fliend!)

Chinese Govelment

Tips for a clean cat

How To Bathe A Cat

What would you do to pass an exam?

Anything To Pass The Exam

Farmer files for divorce

Country Dee-Vorce

Wild alligator warning

Alligator Molesting

On the path of fiscal righteousness

Dear Bank Manager: Bank On My Account

Can't you read the sign?

Danger - Beware Of Dog!

Perfect at any price!

The Perfect Husband

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