Archives: January, 2004

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Such wonderful examples

Crocodile Hunter and Michael Jackson: Dads of the Year

Michael Jackson lookalike contest

Saddam Surgery

Changing weather forecast in Congress

How Cold Is It?

Building a strong marriage

'More Exercise' Relationship

Keeping score on the golf course

Golfer's Best Friend

Call upon Little Johnny for definitive definitions

Definitely Defined

When the Chemistry teacher can't make up his mind

Chemical Formula for Water

Almost secure flight takeoff

Seeing Eye Pilots

Looking around the room for a blind person

Seeing Eye Dog Workout

Lighting the way for lawsuits

Train Lantern

Visible form of noise abatement

Shutting Down The Neighbour's Loud Music

Medical students taking it all in

Liver and Spleen Lecture

Why can't those people keep quiet?

Chronic Coughers

Are you a Canadian, eh?

You Might Live in Saskatchewan If...

Doing their best to clean up the gene pool

Top Moroffs of 2003

Lookalikes in the acting world

Joan Crawford's Daughter

Finding a normal or different mind

Are You Normal?

I'll have a stiff one for the road, please

Perfect Compass

Waiting for Homeland Security instructions

New Year's Terrorist Alert

Tacks a lot for the information!

Redneck Pertection

Why contraceptives are useless

Redneck Birth Control

How she knows when she's gotta go

Old Gas Station - the Ladies Pit Stop

See any light at the end of the tunnel?

Indian Cave Mates

Creative defense for burglary suspect

Clever Lawyer

Skill testing questions to eliminate Bubba for hire

Bubba's First Job

Returning to the best fishing spot

Blonde Fishing Spot

Rabbit transit choreography lesson

Bald Rabbits

Sound familiar?

Men Are Like Horoscopes

Calling a spade an alternate spade

Moroff Manager

Reducing computer time for busy executives

Half-Your-Job Computer

(Tae A Fart)

One Wee Scottish Farty

Toronto Maple Laugh's off-ice performance

Leaf Blower for Sale

When size doesn't matter to a sumo wrestler

'David and Goliath' Sumo Mismatch

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