Archives: January, 2006

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Setting too high a goal can backfire on you

Greatest Ever Missed Soccer Goal

What happens when God doesn't like a seagull

Kids In Church

Is your mule unresponsive? Take him to Church for a good sermon

Dead Mule @ Church

Looking for some online emotion?

Dyslexic Smiley

Beware the next Royal Wedding

Prince Charles - Marriage Warning

Amazing what a little gunpowder can do for longevity

Cowboy's Secret to Living a Long Life

Why you should never cross Brittany Speers

Brittany Speers - a Hooter?

Humour for night owls

Scented Owl

Why Rock Climbers face 'steep' competition

Insane Rock Climber

How to install a wireless security system in Atlanta

Redneck Wireless Security System

Have you topped up your turn signal fluid?

As You Slide Down The Banister Of Life

Hitchhiking in Australia can lead to a turning-around experience

Australian Ghost Story

Are you a Fly-By-Night Fisherman?

New Fishing Technique

No restaurant reservation required for this guy

Restaurant Reservation

Can I have the Classified Ads Re-Correction Department, please?

Sewing Machine For Sale - Cheap Love Not Included

A teenager's New Years Resolution

Machine Wash Instructions for Teenagers

For those days when you just can't get enough cable television

Satellite 'Art' - 100% Game Day Coverage

Airing out your complaints at work again?

Window Bungee Jumping - Latest Extreme Sport

Save a bundle on feeding this quarter horse

Quarter Horse or Quarterhorse?

Satisfaction Guaranteed or Double Your Garbage Back!

Garbage In or Garbage Out?

People are dying to get to this garage sale!

Garage Sale for the Soon-To-Be-Departed

Musicians can go in any key

Musical Throne

Bobsled for ladies - new Olympic event

Barbsled - Ladies Downhill Racing

Steering Wheel Car... for 'key' nautical drivers!

Caraphernalia - Car Gadgets Unlimited

Does your cat need a place to 'Hide And Sleep'?

'Hooked On Clothes' Cat

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