Archives: July, 2006

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Life after the World Cup - another 4 years in the kitchen

Finger Football

Analysis of secret cake ingredients - this one's gluesome

Cake Glue

When a funeral sermon tanks

Soiled Service

When the chips are down, you can count on Las Vegas Churches

Las Vegas Church Donations

Have you been misbehaving?

e-mail From God

Post-Interest Painting Syndrome

Artist Appreciation

Is it time for you to get up off of your throne?

Throne Collector

Next time ask Mom not to bring a cake... and the cake looked so good!

Mom's Lost Cake Delivery

'Pros' and cons of World Cup soccer 'action'

Soccer Sucks - Almost

Why attract ALL the bugs this summer when you only need 1 big one!

Bug Backpack

Down South people find a different way to get 'Tick-ed off'

Redneck Tick Removal

Search for the perfect woman

Just A Weeeeeee Bit

How to plow around the stumps in your life

Country Wisdom

Fishing around for illegal equipment?

Never Argue With A Woman

12 Step Recovery Program for Sudoku addicts

Confessions of a Sudoku Addict

Airstream campers can now fly anywhere in the world!

Plane Camper

Trying to stay on top of the water this summer?

Wave Bored Rider's Uplifting Experience

Bubba finds a way to get closer to his phone calls

Redneck Ear Phone

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