Archives: July, 2008

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In memory of the Joe-kster's Uncle, Vernon (Shorty) Alexander Moll

A Farmer's Creed

Ode To Sudoku

Sanctuary By The Woods Bear

Grin and Bear It

Where not to 'Drive In' or you won't 'Drive Out'

How Not To Park Your Car

Hi, my name's Cliff - drop over some time!

Moron Cliff Walkers

New sports drink with animal adrenaline

Soccer Squirrel

Confucius says getting up on wrong side of bed lead to down fall

Chain Fence Bed

Ladies - some men you might not want for a date

Why Women Stay Single

Why AARP sells insurance

Aging Disgracefully

Unbeerievable Nuns


Stretch Girl

Take that, Jake!

Amazing Catch

Portable Party Parents - for people on a roll

Swingset Car

How much for this cat?

Cat Salesman Of The Year

A rancher's return on investment

Fair Compensation

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