Archives: July, 2013

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Learn how to peel an egg without any egg-seccories

How To Peel An Egg

Only a Redneck can become his own grandpa!

Redneck Genealogy Lesson

More meanings than any other two-letter word


Refreshing research restores the true 'King'

Ping Pong in Antarctica

Expectant mother gets special attention in the delivery room

Patient Care

Seeking medical advice

Loss of Appetite

Bud Light's 'Wedding of the Year' - so what do I owe you?

Quick Wedding

Learn to multiply using lines - math du Jour!

New Math Multiplication

Why Bungee Jump yourself when someone else can do it 4U?

Redneck Bungee Jumping

The roughest wipe in Australia

Aussie Toilet Paper

The luckiest cowboy ever


What's hiding in an Amish boy's bed?

Amish Centerfold

Mangled moments of history from Term Papers and Exams

The Stoned Age and Judyism

Mandolin and guitar picking at its finest

Guitar Picking Kids

Boys with big toys

Monster Truck Pull

When the boss is away the golfers will play

Sick Manager

British motoryclist invents unique garage door opener

Garage Door Opener

Lending a helping hand to your neighbours

Which Switch?

A big surprise - who's 'Top Predator'?

Octopus vs. Shark

Follow 5 Bats Around The Screen

Bat Screen

Preparing for a support-less future

My Daughter

The ocean has many voices

Conch Crab Special to Attract Beach Babes

Speeders on your street?

European Speed Bumps

How to break into your own luggage

Locked Luggage

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