Archives: June, 2004

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Playing head games

Bar Brain

Conversations in the dark

Nearsighted Skunk

Preparing to meet St. Peter

Politician in Heaven

How to lower monthly mortgage payments

Let My People Go - Debt Free

Russia’s top 2004 swimsuit model bottoms out

Miss Chernobyl

Who took the cork out of my lunch?

W.C. Fields Quotes

Choosing between a Wife or Mistress

Dedicated Manager

Some seeing eye dogs don't see too well

Guide Dog's Non-Appreciation

It's Canadian, eh - French for the East... Ontario for the rest...

'GENIE' Awards

Beware of red light runners!

Red Light Runner - I Hit Someone, Officer? (PG)

Some people don't think about electrical safety

Electrical Hazards of Walking a Power Pole

Legal tip for high flyers

Skydiving Lawyers

Tampa Tribune's Mistaken Coverage of Game 7

Calgary Flames Won the 2004 Stanley Cup?

Keeping up with the latest in family relationships

Dear Abby Joe-ks

First impressions at the dinner table

Polish Dinner Compliment

Finding the right deer

Redneck Deer Hunters

Have you been to Timbuktu?

Redneck 2-Minute Poetry Contest

Oh so close to winning it all

Jethro's Almost Inheritance

Dog breeds take on language of its own

Cross between a Havanese and a Shih Tzu?

A man's only as old as the woman he feels.

Groucho Marx Quotes

Puns Intended

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