Archives: June, 2005

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Is work getting you down?

Daily Reminder About Your Job

You can count on a Scout to do a good deed

Scout Survey - Merit Recognition

Sitting on the office throne can be a pain in the butt

Explain This To Your Boss!

Looking for an open-minded, equal-opportunity lender?

Cell Phones Can Cause Accidents

Does your pantyhose light up when jogging?

Celebrate Womanhood!

This illusion looks watered down... but is it?

Watered Down Illusion

Be careful how you call a bellboy in this hotel

Room Service in a Texas Hotel

When the last name comes first

Redneck Mama Calls For Leroy

Looking for a challenge?

Riding a BIG Wave - Surf's Up or Surf's Down?

Tired of asking nicely for blood?

Give Blood Or Else

Reinvesting profits thanks to the dubm barber

Dubm Kid @ The Barber Shop

How do you make a Romanian omelet?

Romanian Cookbook

Do you like inverted Mohawk haircuts?

How Not To Cut Your Wife's Hair

Giving it everything you've got?

Reach For The Top - What Have You Got To Lose?

Take a bite while eating on the throne

Nice Teeth

Gonna laze around during the dog days of summer?

Cool Dog

Why'd they have to use my bike as a barricade?

Cop Cry - Sidelined MotoCop

Ready for a watered down round of golf?

Golfer's Water Hole

Some days it doesn't pay to pull your own weight

Cheerless Leader

When age meets youth on the race track - wheely good fun!

Racing Grandpa

Nature's way of telling you it's time to say adios

Time To Move

When you need to temper your meals, a shopping cart will do

Shopping Cart Hotplate

High-way pedal power in third world countries

Wheel-y High Tricycle

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