Archives: June, 2006

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Spreading The Blame

The Blame Game

The Devil made me do it - twice!

June 6, 2006: Double Mark of the Beast

Porcupine Monotony of the Finkelsteins @ Mount Cyanide

Bible Guinessis - Old and New Testament by Kids

Nominated as best short joe-k of the year by all women

Boy's Anatomy Lesson

Ever experienced frustration from your health care system?

Canadian Health Care

When ya' gotta go higher'n everyone else!

The Butt of all Plane Joe-ks

How do you explain this to your wife?

Tire On A Roll

Holland's tulip gift to Canada

Tulip Fields of Holland

Dog Dance - latest in canine creativity!

World's Best Trained Dog

Incontinent, young SEA-E-O's share their sea experiences

Little Known Maritime Facts

How to remove fears hiding under your bed

Bedworthy Bartender

You'll crack up over this little guy's marriage plans!

6-Year-Old's Wedding Plans

How to be politically correct when you gossip about women

Politically Correct Women Terminology

Wing Walker Tennis For high flyers

World's Highest Tennis Match

Since Ellie Mae put Jet Fuel in Bubba's mower, he gets done a little faster!

Redneck Lawn Mower

Toenails & HeelNails - latest in foot fashion

Shoes for Well Heeled Shoppers

Bike Trike for macho parade showoffs

Mine's Bigger

When your garden hedging takes a turn for the worse

Problem Neighbour

Self-design dress - sophisticated & fits all 'pour' women!

Pour Woman's Dress

Teach your children how to paint - preferably on paper!

Paint Shop Pros

Flexible holiday plans - when there's no room in the car

Portable Playpen

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