Archives: June, 2007

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When  money's on the line, man's best friend talks up a storm

Talking Dog For Sale

Lucky Day - Saved By A Dent!

Blindsided Pedestrian - Beware the Red-Light Runner (PG)

Taking a foul fowl to a bizarre bazaar down a coarse course?

Sounds The Same

The ultimate clean fuel - run your car on salt water!

Salt Water Fuel

What's even uglier than the World's Ugliest Dog?

Ugly To The Bone

Flying while Lying

Fly By Night Pilot

Redneck secret plan to bring back the America's Cup to the U.S.

Land Yacht

Toastmaster Advice

When you're tire-d of changing nuts at the mental asylum

Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover

Little Johnny's First Million

If CPR doesn't work on a man, practice on a $2.35 chicken!

Chicken CPR

Proud parents of children with College degrees

Bragging Rights

Next trick: How to do wheelies on a motorcycle!

Motorbike Surfing

Excusing the Pastor for a slight transgression

Tempting Parking Spot

Yogi Berra's Graduation Dissertation

What affectionate nickname do you have for your spouse?


Newfie Happy Hour

Just when you think he's made a clean getaway

How To Arrest A Terrorist

This guy forgot to Google Goggles!

Lightweight Safety Glasses

Military Life Insurance

Why Cannibals like politicians done rare

Baked Democrat

How to get your teeth fixed in Thailand

Dental Checkup

State Mottos

Looking for a good spot for your next Mahjong game?

Addictive Mahjong

World Record Challenge

New hope for brain-dead people

Heart Attack

Old Folks' Perks

For days when doing nothing is better than pruning the garden!

Bud Light Beer Bunker

What a difference a Century makes!

1907 to 2007: Century of Change

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