Archives: March, 2003

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Finally finding a wife-worthy example

Final Product

Surviving a crocodile infested river swim

Crocodile Escape

Dog Training by the dog

Your Dog's Pet Peeves

Canadian lyrics for Dean Martin's Italian love song

That's No More, Eh?

Astronaut instructions for a smooth flight

Canada in Space

Lending a helping hand to the U.S.

Canada Helps War on Terrorism

A Canadian Province-by-Province perspective

Top 10 Reasons To Live In Canada

A signalman's job at the railway

CNR Spot Inspection

How to interpret picket fence hockey

Blonde Express-ions

Poster promoting the B.C. Lions football team, 1976

B.C. Lions Graffiti

Tips on attracting girls at the beach

Redneck Beach Bomb

Alternative to buying fishing gear

Different Angle

Know any illegal aliens?

Illegal Aliens in the U.S.

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