Archives: March, 2004

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Spouse sacrifice

Another Round For The Wife, Bartender!

Chicken casserole a la stock market

Martha Stewart's Chicken Recipe

... and don't forget the chocolate ...

Ultrasafe Hormone Warning Guide

From bad news comes good news

Jewish Perspective

Nothing but the best will do for this golfer

Perfect Golf Shot

Seeking the expertise of a sex therapist

Ed Zachary Disease

Being cheerful before a meal

Korean Food

Observing the tools of the trade

First Proctologist Exam (PG)

Start off with a lot of noise...

New Musical Instrument Invented

How to survive the Texas Survivor show

Survivor - Texas Style

Hockey fans select new bridge name

The Bertuzzi Bridge

Doctor's subscription for owl bites

Tree Hugger's Environmental Non-Protection

When the boob tube feels better than you do

Redneck Symptoms

How to attract help when you're lost in the woods

Redneck's 'Shot In The Air' Hunting Rescue

How to conserve your ammunition

Redneck Fall Hunting

Living behind bars

Martha Stewart's New 2004 Lifestyle

Match your birthday with your tree according to Celtic astrology

What Celtic Tree Did You Fall From?

Prawntastic idea!

Prawn Crackers for Repeated Failure

Can you spot a Canadian?

The Difference Between a Canadian and a Canoe

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