Archives: March, 2005

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Vague signing of Indian issues yields Eagle name for President Bush

Indian Chiefs' New Name For American President

Bean Bags - to make you feel more at home

Bean Bag Office

East Indians can't live without a bargain

'Be A Man' Power Struggle

Don't you just love back-to-work Mondays!

Back-To-Work Mondays

How do you spell, 'Ouch!'?

Top Ouches of 2004: Moroff's Self-Inflicted Pain

Corridor Football

When It's Game Time, It's Pain Time

What happens when you get in the way of mama moose

Don't Annoy A Moose!

If you mess with nature, nature will mess with you

Recycled Bird Plops - Gift From Above

Debate to determine who leaves their homeland

Catholic Exodus

Why some people prefer cats over hot dogs

Hot Dog Fireworks

Does your dog need a hair transplant?

Growling Reggae Hairdo

Dogs really do talk!

Dog Speak - Language for Dogs

Better than Holy Water for cleansing cats?

Turpentine - Most Powerful Liquid In The World

A sneaky dog knows how to cleanup after his meal

Sneaky Dog

Pesky Cats create mini cat-astrophes

Pesky Cats

Looking to adopt a cat? This one WAS available last week

Cat For Adoption - Wild Pet of the Weak

Enterprising cat uses Epson technology to take out the dog

Cat's Epson Trap Door

But if you want someone who ignores you...

Buy A Dog If You Want Loyalty

Michael Jackson's Child Molestation Trial - preparing his coverup

What Will I Wear For Court Today?

How was your first experience in Church?

Little Johnny's First Church Service

Anybody can play the piano with their fingers

Juggler Plays Piano With Bouncing Balls

Honk if you enjoy!

Hooked On Classics by the Horn Guy

Cleaning ice off the windshield with your briefcase

A Typical Winter Day in Winterpeg

Looking for the ultimate ride?

Top Thrill Dragster - Roller Coaster Ride of Doom

An innovative way to score 2 basketball points

Painful Slam Dunk

Sticky situation in the turned-over crapper

Oh Crap! A Reason To Hate Mondays

Hard landing of a Navy CH46

How NOT To Land A Helicopter

This city's firemen can be bought for the highest bid

Firemen to the Highest Bidder

How to use confined space safety procedures when catching an Anaconda

Confined Space Teamwork in Africa

Can you Grin and Bear It?

Bear-ly Surviving A Pole-top Electrocution (PG)

Guys have more time to hang out & talk about their feelings now

What Happens in Canada When There's No Hockey

How to score a bizarre hockey goal

Deek Out a Hockey Goalie

Dog cyclist on training wheels - only in Japan!

Dalmation Dog Cycling

Great suggestions on how you can spruce up your garden

Cool Gardening Pictures

Fairbanks Winter Art

141 Foot Ice Cube - 'Fox Icescraper'

This car will Turn You Around!

Citroen's New C4 Transforming Technology

When a beaver moment happens 2U

Think You've Had A Bad Day @ Work?

Beware of the danger of smokers on your veranda

The Dangers of Veranda Smoking

A horse that loves hamburgers and TV

Patches, the Hamburger and TV-Loving, Bring-Me-The-Beer Horse

Got any Prison Insurance for this guy?

Disability Insurance for the New Prisoner

Why Ice Fishing Sucks

Good Fishing - Innuit Eskimo's Rich Diet

Waterproof disposable camera - for 'one chance only' pics

For Things You'll Only See Once In A Lifetime

Why you might want to think twice about kayaking

Bad Luck Kayaker - This One's Whaley Good!

Ever had one of those days?

A Day When Everything Goes Wrong

Quick - open the windows... it stinks in here!

Me? No - I Use That Hydrant!

Wrong-end phone specially made for Dubya... 'Hello - is this the White House or the Wong House?'

White House Phone - Communication Problems

What a PLO soldier uses for a pacemaker

PLO X-Ray - Concealed Weapon

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