Archives: March, 2007

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'Bed 4 One' not available in restless sleeper mode

Perfect Fit Bed

When it absolutely has to be there overnight

UPS Fishing Boat

A bargain for the well-heeled shopper

Sandal Sale

Spend quality time on the throne - make this your next movement!

Bathroom Browser - TP Printer

Half the battle is not to be seen by your opponent

Invisible Motorcycle Race

Show your feelings in a letter

Wrap Around Text

Distraction therapy can work wonders for your golf game

Golfer's Helping Hand-icap

Newfies are just plane practical when dealing with lawyers

Don't Mess With A Newfie

Prepare for the 2010 Winter Olympics - ask a Dubm question, eh!

Canadian Tourism Questions

The end of the war is near...

Redneck Special Forces

Turn your house into view property from every room!

Hang On To That Thought

Step into this pool... if you can find a ladder!

Swimming Pool For Sale - House Not Included

When Seat Belts are recommended for back seat drivers

Giant Slingshot

Cow Cookies for Easter

Chocolate Easter Eggs

Home Security - just a continent away!

Alarm Company's 'Remote' Security

Which is faster: Morse Code or Text Messaging?

Morse Code vs. Text Messaging

Looking for communion in all the wrong places?

Church Moments

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