Archives: March, 2008

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This is NOT from Andy Rooney or George Carlin

Speaking Out on Minority and Tolerance

Only in New York...

How To Spot a Gay Terrorist

How to tell if your dog needs sensitivity training

Insensitive Hunting Dog

Is 'Newfie' demeaning and derogatory to the people of Newfoundland, Canada?

'Newfie' Term Survey

Cure for the restless female passenger

Spare Steering Wheel Cures Boredom

What an uplifting idea!

Viagra Switch

Beauty's only a light switch away!

Redneck Men's Pickup Lines

No one could ever measure up to Frank Feldman

The Perfect Man

Call Bubba for a free Goat Quote (comes with wife)

Goat Power

Latest California radar detection system

Air-To-Ground Speeding Ticket

spy spies eyes

Cursor Spy

It's tough to 'sail on' when your sail's off

Retired Boat Captain

Why March 23, 2008 is a special day

Early Easter Date

Robbery Suspect

The child within you


Newfie Painter

New SCRAP (Scrap Car Removal And Plant) Program - compost option

Carden Garden

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