Archives: May, 2001

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Is night or light, in a Wong sense

Chinese Light Work

Skillful business graduates are hard to find

Yale Grad

Trial jury deliberation for a convicted robbery suspect

Not Guilty?

Can a whale swallow a human?

Whale Tale

Introducing Manium and Womanium

Additions to the Periodic Table of Elements

Playing golf on Cone-y Island

Golfer's Nightmare

Rounding up to the nearest figure

Golf Stats

Finding a way to get rid of the cat

Cat Food, Please

Taking a wong wok with your dog

Chinese Dog

Where can the cat have gone?

Missing Cat

Ave Maria sung in a different tune

State Mental Choir

The Hills Are Alive, With The Sound Of Aging

The Sound of Aging

Selecting only the most subserviant of employees

Employee Training

Inspiration for country music fans and fodder for those who aren't

Top Country Songs

Do you know your life expectancy?

Life Expectancy Test

Suntan protection on Mexico beaches

Mexican Sunscreen

Picking lemons most of your life?

Lemon Picker

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