Archives: May, 2004

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Does being bisexual double your chance of a date?

Woody Allen Quotes

Making change at a golf course

Golf Pro's Ball Markers

Food evidence that sticks

Fridge Magnet Dog

My best birth control now is just to leave the lights on

Joan Rivers Quotes

Not-quite-purebred dogs

Bichon Friese - Schitzu Cross

Finding a moral at the bottom of a tree

Sleeping Robins

Too Many Notes for the String Players?

Violinists Suing: More Money for More Notes

Pain-full ways to leave your present job

Reasons To Play Golf (PG)

Supporting your favourite team

Diehard Canuck Fan

Can vegetarians eat animal crackers?

George Carlin Quotes

Do lions eat anything?

Zoo Cage Cleaner

Language 101 for beginning relationships

Eight Words with Male and Female Meanings

How To Win An Election

Cheating U.S. Politician in 2004

How To Win An Election

Cheating Canadian Politician

California Man's Survival

6 Nails Driven Into Head

What to do if attacked by an anaconda

Anaconda Attack Manual - Be Prepared!

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