Archives: May, 2005

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Why Joseph Ratzinger almost missed being the 266th Pope

Ascent to the Papacy - The Pope Who Almost Was

Drink not in excess @ communion - drink from a stein!<

First Major Change by German Pope

Looking for a turbulent flight?

South Africa Airlines - Specialists in Turbulence

What happens when you tell a political joe-k in Russia

Russian Humour

The real secret of communication revealed

Communication - How To Make A Fortune

The Governator's plans for a great shtate

2005 California State Employee Handbook

I can hear just fine, eh!

Retired Golf Pros

Is your relationship going to the dogs?

Pick Up A Blonde For The Boss

There's nothing your cat would prefer more

Bungee Mouse - Meal On A Rope

Need a more manageable supply of brain cells? Get old...

The Perks of Being 60

Plastic surgery keeps stare-gazers away from celebrity

Michael Jackson's Latest Surgery

The bride and the mother were in the deceiving line

Freudian Slips

Flex Dancing - fluid motion guy

Dance Off Competition

Don't insult me with a non-Pepsi... Capice?

When You Don't Offer A Pepsi - No Grazi 4U!

A Skydiving company with a no-return policy?

Skydiving Typo - Changing Course in Mid-Air

Back by popular demand - this card's removed 4U!

Card Magic

I'm not afraid of heights - I'm afraid of widths

Words Of Wisdom

How to help cash flow problems at a monastery

Monk's Fish And Chip Stand

Playing soccer with an elephant?

Elephant Soccer

Next time you think the boss has given you a heavy load...

'Back' To Work

Looking for a cozy apartment, and one that cramp's your style?

Almost Unique Apartment For Rent

Where did I put it? Did I leave it Behind me?

Self Moon

Using your son to check whether the raccoon's safe or not...

Raccoon Feeding - Child Version

Tired of boring house siding? Create some side laughter...

House Clown

Don't forget your helmet when you ride this roller coaster...

Training Wheel Roller Coaster

Other uses for hay bales - this one didn't bale out in time...

Hay Bale Art On The Prairies

Cancer research reaches an all-time high

Cancer Tree

Lumbering along in your prized sports car...

Dent Damage - New V8 Design

Used teeth for sale...

Dental Plan - Latest Extraction Technology

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