Archives: May, 2006

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Best of the Shakespeare quotes

Shakespeare Quotes

Better brush up on your Math - don't get cheated!

Ma and Pa Math: 5 into 25 equals 14

A-pair-ent evolution contradiction

Evolution of Women

We've got no end of Cat-astrophic humour @!

Joe-kster's Cat

City choices for retirement living

Where Would You Rather Live?

Why wait for a green light when you might make it through?

'Thread The Needle' Traffic

Tunnel vision Russian drivers in bumper car traffic

Russian Tunnel Traffic

How to keep paramedics in stitches

Motorcycle Repairs or Reap-errors?

You can even crawl through this horse's legs!

Horse Crawler

Unannounced Program

2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

Ever wonder how long a Daddy Longlegs lives?

Animal Life Spans

Why is May 4th called 'Star Wars Day'?

Star Wars Day

Try Baked Beans for your next alternative fuel source

World's First Hybrid Motorcycle (PG)

Blessings to Saudi Air from Dallas ATC

Cleared to Land

Professor teaches class to be punctual

Woman Without Her Man

Binford Tools' new line of Dental products

Modern Dentistry - Painful but Fast

Sailors know what to do when they run out of lifeboats

Abandon Ship - Japanese Style

Bending over Back-wards four-ever

BrokeBack Ballet

Meet your oasis for life!

Thirst Quencher Fridge

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