Archives: May, 2008

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Africa's latest inspiration: disc-located MP3 turntables

Mozart in Africa

The Whole Truth

Cramer could hardly wait for the next Sandbox Motorcycle Championship

Playground Motorcyclist

Shoe designed to take your pets wherever you go - very inspidering!

Pet Shoe

Doing their part to clean up the Church

Mennonite Washrooms

Tree good tips on becoming an Arkansas couch potato

Redneck Swing Tree

When you don't want the laptop on your lap

Bathroom Laptop

How a math teacher finds the right angle

Chair Ruler

Latest in e-fish-cient goldfish scales

Sushi Earrings

1st skid marks in Romania

Rubber-Burning Backseat Driver

Recommended prostate health supplement

Tomato Health

When you gotta go, you gotta go

Cop Chase

Looking after little brother's best interests

Little Johnny's Tampax Protection

Invitation to a beach resort barbeque in the Pacific Ocean

BBQ Invitation

Wide Receiver Signing

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