Archives: May, 2011

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This gecko has a nice ring to it

Gecko Earring

Let a Mexico beach 'wet' your appetite!

Land Surfing

Georgie deserves the trophy

George Bush Trophy

Royal subjects practice bowing to their King

Off To A Good Start

The brains behind Earl 'Grey' Tea?

Head Teacup

When you're close to God you don’t need fall arrest protection

Vatican Window Cleaners

Who's the fairest of them all?

Royal Wedding Celebrities

World relief organization sends big donation to poor

Mountain TV

Bubba spends hours spellchecking for his clients

Redneck Manual

Military tribute and last rights for Osama bin Laden

Burial At Sea

Osama at the Pearly Gates

Virgins in Heaven

Little Johnny learns the basics of Politics

Politics 101

Who's side is your God on?

God is Impartial

Forrest hoped he'd snag a rare Louisiana crawfish

Bench Fishermen

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