Archives: November, 2004

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Is it the Asphalt or your fault?

Beware of Black Tarmac

Suspicious setting for man found in bathtub

Warning - Lock Your Doors!

Discriminating pubs serve only the best

Crocodile Fans

Flatulent news in Biblical days

1st Occurrence of Bad Gas in the Bible

Relationship inspiration from college

How To End Unemployment

Do you have what it takes?

Inner Strength

Why breaking up can be hard to do...

Clearly Good Intentions

Internet surfing monitored by the FBI

Homeland Security Bill

Influenza vaccine negotiations

Flu Vaccine Delivery To America

Bottlenose dolphins to the rescue

Dolphins Save Lifeguards from Circling Great White Shark

Signs of smiling on the bus

Case of the Pregnant Lady

Canadian government stickhandles past NHL

Ottawa to Nationalize the NHL

Learning to speak Redneck

Redneck Dictionary

Buy low, sell high - can’t lose!

Fake Carolina Drawl

Always room for improve-meant

Pessimist's Dog

Tough decision between surgery options

Cosmetic Surgery - Wife's Choice

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