Archives: November, 2005

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Holding back the waters - abroad and at home

Levees From Around The World

What happens when you upset the maid - crappy service!

Don't Annoy The Maid

Whos really the Best Man?

Best Man At A Wedding

Be careful what you mix Holy Water with

Prunes and Holy Water

Having trouble hearing Grace?

Grace In A Low Voice

French translation for touring France

Handy French Phrases If You're Traveling Abroad

A purrrfect massage therapist!

Cat Therapist

When your breakfast bacon comes alive

Breakfast Dance - Shakin' Bacon

Painful ways to 'back' into things

Slip Sliding Away

Ever hit a golf ball out of your friend's mouth?

Mouth Golf - Drive of the Year

Take up horseback riding and lose 10 pounds in a week!

Lose Weight by Horseback Riding

Watch out, purse snatchers, for Houston police

Texas Style Arrest

Are your cowpies made of beef?

You Might Be A Texan If...

How to tell if you've got the Bird Flu

Bird Flu Symptoms

Why settle for a lawnmower when you can have a lawnmover?

John Deere Lawnmover

Reach a new high in this duplex outhouse with out-standing view!

World's 'Highest' Outhouse

Discount Travel's 'all-you-can-take-luggage' promo

Airport Luggage Check For High Flyers

Caught forever in the act of fence climbing

Brick Layers - Cast in Stone

Redneck's favorite hunting buddies

Redneck Bird Dogs

Bikers' new lazy car

Couch Potato On Wheels

Two-in-one burglar system for your home!

New Home Alarm System

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