Archives: October, 2003

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What really happened in the garden with Adam and Eve

Banished From Paradise

Is your man mature enough?

Men Are Like Fine Wine

Answering message for customer whiners

Complaint Department

More than just the cardinal rules...

Secret of Success

Looking for change on the golf course

Golfer Who Can't Change

Taking care of the glass-eyed patient

Excessive Wind Joe-ks

International tourism website questions

Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About Canada, eh

Consolation for the son born without a torso, arms or legs

A Head Of His Time

Adding up the legal costs for meat loss

Sausage Consultation

How to thoughtfully break the bad news

Cat On The Roof

Whose son did the best?

Sports Repairman

Replacement arrives as Canucks head for Stanley Cup

Canucks Sign Iraqi Center

Experiment handled improperly

New Swiss Bra

Called up from the bullpen

Baseball Pitch in Heaven

Psychological motives

Killer Test

Tail gunner takes action only when required

Court Martial at 5:00

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