Archives: October, 2004

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Marriage is the number one cause of divorce

Red Skelton Quotes

Safety from afar

Message From Iraq to Michael Jackson

How to deliver Shredded Tweat to a batter

Randy Johnson's Fastball - 'Early Bird' Special

A moving experience for Halloween

Halloween Talk From Down South

Caught behind slow golf players with lots to talk about

Trading Golf Wives

Reaching down to their potential par

Heavenly Round Of Golf

Other Uses Besides The Dryer


Relatives associated with 9/11 attacks

Steinbach Terrorist Attack

The New Word Dictionary

Definitions Of The Obvious

Wait at the weight machine for your fortune

Nun-Sense @ the Airport

Finding a 'sound' noise abatement system

How To Solve 4:00 AM Loud Noise Problems

Bubba and his friends are always prepared for any camp emergency

Redneck Anti-Terrorist Training Camp

Can you stump the Devil?

Blonde's Birthday Task

Is country music an oxymoron?

4 Teeth and 100 Feet

One who would rather be flying high

Redneck's Flight Refund

Little Johnny can tell you where to buy a healthy horse

UPS Horse Auction

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