Archives: October, 2005

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Senator Kennedy offers aquatic relief to New Orleans residents

Hurricane Katrina Relief

It's what you don't see that counts...

X-Ray Wedding

Happy Halloween from the ghostly white mist

Spooky Car Ad

Pumpkin Art - pumpkin sculpture du jour

Pumpkin Faces

What making a heads-up move entails

Heads Up Scarecrow

Which sermon would you rather hear from the pulpit?

Ten Dollar Sermon

How to recognize a good sermon

A Good Sermon - On Average

Do you think I can get there with a 5-iron?

Caddy Quotes

Don't mess with Granny in the crosswalk!

Road Rage Granny

Tightened security at airports - parking lots go for days without water

How To Tell If There's A Terrorist At The Airport

Timely response to the ungrateful spouse

A Woman's Poem

Hanging 'foot loose' in your garbage disposal?

Boo Who? Surprise, Surprise!

Jewish salesman's 'Merchandise On Credit' policy

You Owe It To Your Customers

Bubba and Jethro would like to speak to a few of you

Bluenecks: Revenge of the Rednecks

Political Correctness gone mad or just plain Dopey Idea?

Snow White meets the Aboriginal Equinox

When you know it'll take a lot of dough to fix your car

Massive Buns

Potable eating at latest upscale Asian restaurant

Asian Real Meal Deal

French drivers put their cars into real 'high drive'

World's Highest Bridge

Freestyle, partial-beard German poser?

Beard and Moustache Championship

Is your home a polar bear beacon?

Pre-Dawn Breakfast Patrol

Using natural safety devices can prevent driving accidents

Airbag Safety

Socket To Me! Here's seeing you...

Can You Do This?

Looking for a camouflage windshield for your delivery van?

Duct Tape Truck - No-Glass Deliveries

Get more horsepower - and a face full of fertilizer

World's First Horse Power Vehicle

Ever had a day like this?

Typical Work Progress Report

Looking for a trip to paradise?

Ugly Bus To Paradise

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