Archives: October, 2013

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The cutting edge in razor technology

Razor Blade Swallower

Heineken serving the planet one foot at a time

Walk-In Fridge

Learn safety-last fishing tips from a Tennessee pro

Tennessee Pro - Safety Tips for Dummies

More rambling comments from 'Counsel for the Victims'

Justice Is Blind - Part 2

Reaching for the top in the kitchen

Spaghetti Night

First one up before the count of 10 wins...

Best Knockout Ever

How to avoid getting hired

Resume Bloopers

For those who forget where they put their beer

Redneck End Table

Follow the elastic balls

Elastic Ball Cursor

Smart dog waits for the right time

How To Stalk A Marshmallow

Dumber than a sack of hammers

Wooden Spoons

Give that man a New

Aussie Guide Dog

Not extreme enough for you?

Extreme Sports

What some flag-waving football fans do to support their team

Catch The Wave

What religion is your bra?

Bra Size Religion

When you can't get to a fridge

Bring Me A Beer

Financial advice for long-time drinkers

First Date Conversation

Bubba always has lots of bird food in his feeder

Squirrel Bird Feeder Solution

The Darwin Awards for tradesmen

Master Tradesmen

Having problems with your bed springs lately?

When You Need To Replace Your Bed, Spring For IKEA

Removing the dentures on your wedding day

Beautiful Bride - 'In-dentured' For Life

Hikers - stay away from this appealing bait car

Toyota's New Bait Car

Sometimes getting your car back is simply not enough

Trunk Monkey Theft Retrieval System

The Joe-kster coming to the rescue of an animal in trouble

Benefits of Regular Exercise - Animal Rescue

Miniature pig that hopefully never grows up

Kingsford the Piglet Goes Swimming

Bubba always pays special attention to beer bottle directions

Redneck Beer Drinker

Man's best friend provides the best childproof lock!

Childproof Drawer

Doing things backwards to relieve an itch

Ultimate Back Scratcher

The downside of winning the lottery


Passing sentence prematurely

Lawyer Malpractice

Bare bones panhandling at its best

Best Panhandler

Why there are speed limits at toll booths

Toll Booth Speed Limit

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