Archives: September, 2005

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Sausage Humourist

Looking for a little bull to go with your whine, are we?

Sharing The Bull

KFC follows Presidential Election coverage

Bucket of Hillary

Amazing dog on a skateboard

Skateboard Dog

When its time to change golf courses

Tee Time in Heaven

When in Rome, overcome evil with good, Mildred

Taking Care of Church Gossip

Waiting for tips can be a commanding process

Charity at the Preachers' Convention

How to choose your most important possession to take with you to heaven

Can You Take It With You When You Die?

Walking on water without a personal floatation device

Bible Characters Sent Home Early From Summer Camp

Dentist 'Filling In' for his son

Dentist's Good and Bad News

Try these pills if you can't sleep during noisy-dog nights

Prescription for Dog Barking

The world's only scuba diving cat?

Scuba Diving Cat

Best gags from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Little Johnny knows who took the wicked path

Difference Between a Convict and a Lawyer

Counting on politicians for damage control in New Orleans

Bush Surveys Damage in New Orleans

Recycle this advice to pay for your retirement plans

401K Plan - Privatizing Social Security

Ladies - looking for layaway sweets for your husband?

Sweet & Sour for the Sick Husband

Speech gone wrong for a youth pastor with rented lips syndrome

Youth Pastor's Last Speech

So you thought you had a tough Math course?

Mennonite Longhand Math

When you need 'siding support' for your sagging building

Seismic Support for Polish Buildings

Why walk a mile in my shoes when you can ride 'em!

A Bicycle Boot For Two

Cheapest form of transportation for your booty-full son

Send Your Son Home For The Holidays

Sound Advice from the noisiest kid on the block

Ghetto Boom Box

When gas gets too high, rent a Redneck water trailer

Redneck Water Trailer

Bridging the gap in rural China

Wok-a-Way: Wok - Don't Run!

Don't have a garage? Then park your junk on the porch...

Junk House - One Man's Treasure

Little ones helping little ones - Puppy Power 4U

Puppy Support - 'Back' Up Plan

And now for the winner of the porcupine javelin contest...

Bull Terrier vs. Porcupine: Quill He Make It?

Who needs software or hardware when you have runwear!

Computer Wear - Sneaker Powered

Might as well entertain yourself @ Pa & Ma's outhouse

Throne Entertainment on the Farm

Community resting place for old cabinets

Park Art or Cabinet Decision?

Camping in the good old days... roughing it with your T-Bird!

World's 1st Mobile Camper

When you can hardly wait for your next plate of perogies

Ukrainian Perogies

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