Archives: September, 2006

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Finally - a huge tax rebate for middle-class families!

2006 Massive Tax Refund

Something special for 9-11

Osama bin Laden Swing Set

Crikey Tribute by Rupert McCall

The Crocodiles Are Crying

Looking for a spectacular bungalow-mansion in heaven?

St. Peter's Politics

When a little pepper tequila goes a long way

Raising The Bar

How to reduce your cat-astrophic water bill

High Water Bill

Eggsellent humour!

Fried Eggs

Why you pay relative-ly high brain costs

Brain Transplant

What happens when you inflate your numbers by 'two'

Inflationary Language

A new type of watered down sport!

Water Bowling

Chief Half Disk with Part Ram

Chief of the Computer Indians

When you stay away from the beach too long...

Beach Foreclosure

High, my name's Cliff. Drop over some time!

Mountain Road

How to get swine flu

Hygiene On The Farm

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