Canada's WW II Invasion of Norway?

Thanks to Canada's Paul Martin for his non-remembrance of history... Lest He Forget! (click on image to enlarge)Paul Martin's D-Day Gaffes

Paul Martin, Canada's Prime Minister, recently addressed a group of military personnel at a lunch meeting. During his speech, Martin misread his pre-prepared script, and referred to Canada's World War II invasion of Norway... not once, but twice! (refer to mp3 files below)

Unfortunately, he - and his entire entourage - forgot that the actual invasion took place on the beaches of Normandy - 1,000 miles away from Norway. As Canada prepares to remember the 60th anniversary of the "Operation Overlord" assault on Hitler's "Fortress Europe" - the invasion of June 6, 1944 by English, American and Canadian allied forces - our government can't even get the location right. 

So much for the Remembrance Day saying of "Lest We Forget"... perhaps we should rename it, "Lest He Forget"...

Gaffe #1                          Gaff #2