Bridging the Computer Gap

Build your next arc with computer screens!

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Bridging the Computer Gap with Computer Screens

Captions from our readers...

Look - it's a bird, it's a plane... no it's a computerbow.
Maddy Shingledecker

Lo, I will place this sign in the offices of the world,
My computer bow is given as a sign that I will never change Windows again.

Bill Gates 4:15 (NIV - 'Non-Inspired Version')
Rick Rambin

What the company did with their old PC's, after they switched to Macs.
Newfie office networking.
Jacqui Graham

Blonde's idea of a network bridge.
Johanna Andrews

If Rome was created today.
Daniel Summers

Great! Now how do I put them down again?..................................anyone!?
Rabih Kayrouz

Oh look sweety - it's a computer rainbow.
Marisa Poll

Advantages of CRT's over flatscreens - #1.
Talk about steep learning curves!
George Bergmann

I think my screen is arcing.
Stephen Samson

Gateway... the arc to better computer systems.
Owen Hempton

Slow day at the office.
Scarlet Harrison

Now introducing, the MAC-Arch at McDonalds.
Marlene Goodman

And now, welcoming Bill Gates...
Mickey Stoll

Exclusive from The Bill Gates Wedding Collection.
Imagine this lovely arch as the backdrop in your wedding pictures.

L.B. Scott

Hardware requirements = inverted 'C' drive.
John Schrag

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