Taking Donations For Scissors

If this guy cuts off his dreadlocks, will he lose his in-hairitance?

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East Indian beggar with very long hair

Captions from our readers...

Well boys, it doesn't look like rain, so you can take the shampoo back home.
If you think my hair is long, you should see my... my... what is the word I am
looking for?... oh yes, you should see my BROTHER'S.

Jacqui Graham

Introducing the Swami brand jump rope.
Al McInnes

Ayy mon, check this out."  (with Jamaican accent)
If you can double dutch with my dreads, I will not beg for money.

Can you spare a dollar? I'm too hair-ied to work...
Roy Gathercoal

I strained so hard that it came out the wrong end.
Daniel Summers

Why you dread my locks?
Johanna Van Abkoude

Can you two please shelter the rest of the hair from the rain?
My hair is maybe an attraction for tourists to donate,
but if it gets wet I wont be able to walk at all.

Collecting money to pay for a nice, small haircut.
No one has donated the past 50 years...
so he KEEPS the DEAD locks instead of cutting it himself.

...for 60 years I have had the same hair... and I don't mean just the style!
Andrea Jónsdóttir

Outsourcing hits a new low when Hair Club for Men goes to India for customer service.
Marlene Goodman

Hey man, you don't have a spare three years does you,
me thinks am ready to be De-Loused.

Barry Gilfoyle

Mom, what's that crawling around on his head?
L.B. Scott

Delilah would snipe. Snipe with a tip.
Linda Newman

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