Police Penance - Find the Missing Tire

Trying to find an illusive wheel can be tire-ing

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Police Penance Finding Missing Motorcycle Tire

Captions from our readers...

Plod gets it wrong
Peter Vernon

You think you could get OFF the bike while I dig this out?
Dubm was riding into the wet cement - Dumber is refusing to dismount!
Liddy Lore

Are you sure this tire if flat, lady?
Roy Gathercoal

But Sargent - I was right behind him!
Paul J. Guyer

Now I am gonna miss the doughnut party back at the station!
Daniel Summers

Jeff: Ya, I would like to report a missing tire...
Dispacher: Jeff?
Kyle Owens

Scotty, beam me up. This planet sucks.
Gary "1artworkz" Molitor

They never mentioned this in the Compulsory Basic Training Course.
Anne Marie Brett

Hey sarge, you know that Pothole that was reported last week... well I've found it!
Nik Keun

Do you ever wonder what ever happened to Barney Phife after he left Mayberry?
Ron Wells

Wuts wrong with this pic?
Mickey Stoll

Oh, officer - watch out!!!”  *** crashes ***  Son, get me out of here!
Brad Turek

No Sarge, I don't think anyone has noticed.
Barry Gilfoyle

No, chief. I was just about to get a concrete description of the suspect when... er...
Vince Fried

Hey! You guys at the bottom of the motorcycle display pyramid okay?
Matthew Waygood

Ummmmm Sargeant, I think I got myself into a sticky spot here. It's nothing concrete... well, maybe it's a little concrete.
Trevor McMutie

I dunno sarge, I was directing traffic just like usual from my toilet lid when suddenly this,
this... motorcycle pops up underneath me and now there's some kid pushing it back down!

Jim Haubert

Boy, when the chief finds out he sure is going to be aggregated!
Bruce Ackerman

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