Cat Flap - a Toast For Your Cat

Leave your cat alone to play with itself forever!

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Toast attached to a cat's back

Captions from our readers...

Boy That Cat is Toasted!
Daisy Newcomb

Amused? Who is being amused here really?
How on earth am I going to take my daily 22 hours 'cat nap' this way?

Idske Mulder

A not-so-suprising discovery in the cat-flap anti-gravity test: the everlasting squeaky dog-toy!
Our next research project: how much CAN a cat puke up?
Your tax dollars at work...
Kirk Lowry

Where do you put the butter and jelly?
Tom Napoli

I said, 'Lets toast TO the cat... NOT put toast ON the cat...'
Now look at him - he found a new spin cycle.

Now look at me - I'm a new Bird feeder...
Della Norton

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