Pooped Out Playground

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Pooped Out Elephant Playground

Captions from our readers...

Mommy, what's that smell?
Karen Moore

Aw, crap!
... where future lawyers, politicians, managers, and other assorted
'pain in the rears' are earmarked for future development...

Dang, this telescope is big - I can see Uranus from here!
Yeah, it's fun to look at... but think of all the psychiatrist fees you'll have in the future!
Kirk Lowry

Finally found out why people make up all these stories about where children come from: the Stork, a large cabbage...
This giant Elephant-enema truth is a bit too embarrassing to tell!

Idske Mulder

Hey Mommy, I see the end - it's brown and kind of long! Come look, Mommy...
Cassidy DeGennaro

Sorry Tootsie, There is no 'Return to the Love Canal'!
Too Pooped to study Anatomy? (obviously a Female elephant)
Irvin Kauffman

It's easy Mom - just run around till you get pooped out.
Terry Mossip

Mommy, I found the leak in the city gas main.
Tom Napoli

I got your preparation-H applicator. No honey - it's right here in my hand.
Rickie Messer

Here at our Pre-School we teach the children how the digestive system really works.
Della Norton

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