Circular Motorcycle

Harley riders can run circles around other motorcyclists

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Circular Motorcycle

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We're developing a Spare Tire!
Irvin Kauffman

After finally running out of gas, Charley found himself in the year 1954,
at a drive-in movie, somewhere in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

An overwhelming desire to prove the physical laws of progression for a
rotating mass, and a penchant for self-abuse.

Mark Prairie

'Harley Riders' can't even handle a 2-wheeler!
Blessed are they who travel in circles, for they shall be called 'wheels'.
Mike Trimble

This pic was taken BEFORE he rode through what those horses left behind on the road.
He doesn't know what's 'hanging over his head' yet...

Idske Mulder

Necessity is the mother of invention... someone want to invent a kickstand for me?
Fuel economy? I get about 45 RPG (Revolutions Per Gallon).
By the way, does somebody else want to invent a gas tank for this thing?

Ron Morton

With 300Hbp, WHO said Unicycles are only for Wimps?!
Andrew Edel

The wheel on the hog goes round and round, round and round, round and round...
Sue Gosselin

I only have one blind spot.
Just think - I will never have any bumper damage - I will just bounce right back.
I hope I am not doing 80MPH when I get a flat!
Della Norton

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