Suntan For Weight Loss

“I think I’ve changed my mind about fat chicks!”

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Suntan weight loss on the beach taken a little too far

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Scientists have determined that it can be hazardous
to sunbathe beneath ozone holes.

"Can't fall asleep at the beach? Try counting circling vultures!
Kirk Lowry

The South Beach Diet Works!
Joe Hernandez

Looks like the Nazi's are back in town and this time they've gone to Florida.
Adrianne Hobbs

Mary was invincible at the beach, no shark even cared about her.
LaToya and Shaniqua were a different story however...

Cory Prior

Winner of the 2005 Anorexic/Bulemic of the Year Contest!
Nancy Atherton

Janice is the newest member of the Anorexic Anonymous Club,
seen here with the founding members.

Mike Foland

Oh the irony... note the fat lady at the back...
Katherine Corfield

Where's the 'BEEF'?
Brent Offenberger

I wonder if I can pick up one of those babes?
Ron Wells

Donate to Gulf Hurricane Relief, residents need food, clothes, and anchors in case of stiff breeze!
Donna Faye

It's said: You can never be too thin or too rich! Really?...
Irvin Kauffman

Debbie, do you smell something? Yea. I think someone's barbecuing some ribs!
Brian Smedley

I hate to say this honey, but is your nose ever big!
Terry Mossip

Is this what going through thick and thin means?
Maggie Leinbach

Have you called Jenny yet?
You are what you eat!
Leonore Garcia

Are you sure that isn't Nicole Richie?
Patricia Cooke

Surprisingly, a good tan does make you look thinner.
Paul Brown

Look Shawntay! That poor girl's neck ain't big enough to hold her own head on.
She gotta grab the back of the chair to keep it from rolling off into the sand!

D. K. Browne

Surefire way to cut down on Suntan Lotion expenses.
Andrew Ussery

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