Employee Of The Month

When your work can’t take a back seat to anything else

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Could someone please bring me some toilet paper?
Jen Metasavage

She's really getting to the bottom!
Idske Mulder

In keeping with my latest raise, I give the company...
Dangit. I hate this crappy connection!!!
**you sound nice. where are you?**
Kirk Lowry

Sending a pic with scratch and sniff option.
Alan Howting

Toilet stalls of the World: Review #525... clean floors, nice tiles, too white!
Andrew Edel

I can handle 'PRESSURE'!
Debanshu Mukherjee

Getting the job done twice.
Dawna Raburn

...ok, next it says 'Insert the lil silver bullit here'...
Phil McGinley

I've got a crappy virus and I'm dumping the load.
Marilyn Chester

Finally, I can check my e-mail with no interruptions!
Robert Mexico

Hey, can't you use a Playboy like everyone else!
Randy Anderson

Laura Farrell

Sometimes this job stinks.
Rick Brennecke

Why does Dad call it The Library?
James Santos

GIGO (Garbage in/Garbage out)
Roseann Collymore

Jill always did her best thinking sitting on the pot.
Paul Bottel

Reseaching for toilet training.
Ok... I have pants down to ankles and I am now sitting. What do I do next?
Della Norton

Killing two birds with one stone.
Nick Amso

I thought she really meant it when she said 'Take this job and shove it'.
Andrew Ussery

Important Phone Call
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