Who’s Pulling Your Chain?

Meal preparation for a fox

Planning on having rabbit steaks for dinner?
Steven Spielberg's next movie: “Pet-less In Seattle”

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Fox pulling on chain to rabbit hutch looking for an easy meal

Captions from our readers...

Hey! Boxed lunch!!!
'Pull my finger'... I'll show YOU 'pull my finger'!!!
Meals on Wheels, hold the wheels...
The REAL reason the tortoise won...
Kirk Lowry

The Fox isn't pulling his tooth, he's just pulling your leg, Rabbit! Watch out!
Idske Mulder

I think this is how Farmer Joe did it...
Robert Mexico

Life for the animals during The Great Depression.
Gerry Wolfdridge

I said get the Uzi not the Fuji!
David S. Camp

Who outsmarted the fox this time?
I told my kids I would find the easter bunny. And look - here he is...
Rabbit stew for dinner, hun.
Della Norton

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